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Speaking Up For Black Communities in Medicine: Khadija Owusu Featured

“I used to be very shy in primary school!,” says Khadija Owusu. “But in secondary school, I really started to come out of my shell.” As a teenager growing up in north London, with her roots in Ghana, Khadija remembers how volunteering to serve as a year counsellor at her [...]read more


ROOTENCIAL was delighted to present Noëlla Coursaris Musunka with an award at the Global African Awards on 26th November in London. Josefina Bonsundy, founder of ROOTENCIAL, presented Noëlla with the Honorary Award for Services to Community Development and Charitable Causes for her work to provide access to education, water and [...]read more

Lessons we can learn from Ethiopian cuisine: Yishak Fantu

Lessons we can learn from Ethiopian cuisine: Yishak Fantu Meet Yishak Fantu, a restaurateur based in London. From Ethiopia, he embarked on a journey to the United Kingdom, where he has now spent almost two decades. We spoke to Yishak for WorldRemit in his top-rated restaurant located in Arsenal, London, [...]read more

Let The Good Times Begin: Esther Bolekia

Let The Good Times Begin Esther Bolekia “KNOWING THE HISTORY OF A PERSON, CAN HELP YOU UNDERSTAND WHY YOU MAKE CERTAIN DECISIONS” – ESTHER BOLEKIA SAYS ASKED ABOUT HER ORIGINS AND HOW IT ALL BEGAN. Born in Spain with ancestry from Equatorial Guinea, Esther is a road engineer, founder and [...]read more

Finding African roots through literature: Pamela Ohene Nyako

Finding African roots through literature: Pamela Ohene Nyako Pamela Ohene Nyako has always been captivated by history. When she was young, she devoured books about ancient Egypt and Greece, learnt about the Holocaust from her German grandmother and was drawn to black history, including learning about legendary American civil rights [...]read more

The Politics of Hair, Identity and Confidence

Christiane Sungu and Lucrece Wasolua-Kibeti met while competing in a beauty pagent, running to be the face of Congolese beauty in the UK and to be representatives of their roots in the diaspora. They went on to create Krowned, a social initiative which aims to empower and embolden young women [...]read more

Wellbeing & Empowerment: Isa-Welly Locoh-Donou

Wellbeing & Empowerment: Isa-Welly Locoh-Donou “A better choice is different for everyone,” Isa-Welly, a London-based Pilates and wellness coach explains. “We all know what’s good or bad for us. I can’t define what’s good for you, because that’s not my job, I’m not you. My job is to empower people [...]read more

Reclaiming African Narratives: Omnia Shawkat

Reclaiming African Narratives Omnia Shawkat “I was always Sudanese; it’s the only passport I ever had,” says Omnia Shawkat, Founder of Andariya. “But the Sudanese-ness only really came to me when I was visiting Sudan as an adult.” Omnia is the Founder of Andariya, a digital cultural platform amplifying stories [...]read more

Aesthetic Activism: Desirée Bela-Lobedde Boleche

Aesthetic Activism: Desirée Bela-Lobedde Boleche Montserrat Anguiano is an artist tailor-made for the Afro-descendant generations in Spain. She gives visibility to black women through her painting, achieving the perfect balance between art and identity, and advances the fight for diversity through the beauty of her works. With the launch of [...]read more

Writings Inspired By Stories: Angela Nzambi

Writings Inspired By Stories: Angela Nzambi Rootencial is delighted to introduce Angela Nzambi, a writer native of Lía, a town in the district of Bata – Equatorial Guinea, who also works with refugees, and whose writings are inspired by personal and professional stories. JB: Who is Angela Nzambi? AN: I [...]read more