Let The Good Times Begin: Esther Bolekia

Born in Spain with ancestry from Equatorial Guinea, Esther is a road engineer, founder and director of the digital magazine Devé, aimed at professional development through three pillars: The strategy. The leadership. And the lifestyle.

Esther tells how staying conscious and not turning her back on her roots have allowed her to connect with a sometimes less fortunate world, which faces several challenges such as oppression. “All the professions in which I was interested as a child had to do with building. Building meant doing something that would contribute to the improvement of people’s quality of life, ”says Esther, telling us how her origins and personal experience have strongly marked her desire to create and add value to the lives of others.


Are you looking for good times? Here 5 great lessons we get from your interview that can immediately change your lifestyle:

1. When you change the way you act in certain situations, you radically change the results

Emphasizing the importance of improving decision-making, Esther tells us about the key tool for changing situations in which we can feel out of control. Deal with them differently! And at the end of the day it is said that Madness is doing the same thing over and over again hoping to get different results. Of course, doing it differently does not mean doing it anyway: nothing better than knowing what works and what doesn’t.

2. Develop your ‘soft skills’

One of the most important skills in these times is interpersonal skills, something that technologies currently cannot completely replace. These skills are crucial to know how to deal with difficult and complex situations or people.

3. Learn from others who have gone where you want to go or be

Do not waste time for not knowing what to do in certain situations, if you can count on the experience and knowledge of others. If you want to get from one place to another, or from one state in your life to another more satisfying one, stay open to learn from others who have traveled the path you will have to travel. In this way you can make your skills and actions have optimal results.

4. Work on these three aspects

Your ability to argue. Your assertiveness And your ability to share and find solutions. Esther emphasizes the importance of developing the ability to communicate, share opinions and seek solutions together and get away from the habit of the complaint. This point reminds us that being vulnerable is part of creating union and trust.

5. Always focus on your goals

Remember that a person’s worth is worth his character and not his gender, race, sexual orientation or any other descriptive denominator. Do not let yourself be manipulated or waste time with people trying to convince or create clients in people who do not understand your goal or are not willing to support you. Focusing on your goal is to acquire the tools and the company that favor you in order to achieve it, and nothing else.

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