Rootencial – Roots with Potential

Showcasing Creators and Changemakers from the Afro community


Africans and African diaspora communities are making huge contributions to societies across the world, in many different ways. But their stories, leadership and achievements are not always visible – and are often portrayed negatively. This can create greater obstacles to opportunities for these communities.


Rootencial’s mission is to celebrate the roots and potential of African and African diaspora communities. We work to create new opportunities for these communities  and to increase public awareness of their contributions.


Flourishing, welcoming, and prosperous societies in which the voices and contributions of Africans and African diaspora communities are acknowledged and valued – and in which all have access to social, economic, and learning opportunities, including to market and sell their products and services.


Rootencial believes that different groups make a positive contribution to the advancement of societies and civilizations, and that everyone has the potential to do so regardless of race and origin.

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