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Linkages Through Language: Omokolawola Lamikanra

Linkages Through Language: Omokolawole Lamikanra They say that business and entrepreneurship run in your veins. That’s certainly true for Omokolawole Lamikanra, who started out on his entrepreneurial journey before his tenth birthday! Also known as ‘Lami’, this Nigerian lawyer and businessman recently moved to the UK where he is busy [...]read more

Very Puzzled: Patrick Savi Adom

J: Hi Patrick. Please tell us a bit about who you are and what you do. P: I’m Patrick, I’m 40-something years old and I live in London. I was born in Ghana and grew up there until I was seven, when I moved to the UK. I’ve spent most [...]read more

Lessons we can learn from Ethiopian cuisine: Yishak Fantu

Lessons we can learn from Ethiopian cuisine: Yishak Fantu Meet Yishak Fantu, a restaurateur based in London. From Ethiopia, he embarked on a journey to the United Kingdom, where he has now spent almost two decades. We spoke to Yishak for WorldRemit in his top-rated restaurant located in Arsenal, London, [...]read more

In Tribute to Africa: Michelle Dybele

In Tribute to Africa: Michelle Dybele Living by Inspiration - says Michelle Dybele when we ask her what her life motto is. She is an actress, film producer, and entrepreneur of Central African heritage and in this interview, she shares a few insights about her journey and living out this motto. [...]read more

Let The Good Times Begin: Esther Bolekia

Let The Good Times Begin Esther Bolekia “KNOWING THE HISTORY OF A PERSON, CAN HELP YOU UNDERSTAND WHY YOU MAKE CERTAIN DECISIONS” – ESTHER BOLEKIA SAYS ASKED ABOUT HER ORIGINS AND HOW IT ALL BEGAN. Born in Spain with ancestry from Equatorial Guinea, Esther is a road engineer, founder and [...]read more

Shakira Akabusi: Strong Like Mum

Shakira Akabusi: Strong Like Mum Shakira Akabusi is a pre and postnatal fitness expert. A daughter of an Olympic medalist Kriss Akabusi, there’s no wonder that sports and fitness were always a vital part of Shakira’s life. A motivational speaker, writer, and mother of two, she’s also a founder of [...]read more