Youth Entrepreneurship in Equatorial Guinea: Pablo Olivera Faix

The next interviewee is Pablo OLIVERA FAIX. He is an independent commercial, a partner of an international parcel delivery and package reception company in several European countries to Equatorial Guinea. In addition to his role as an entrepreneur, he is a film and television producer, with more than 10 years of experience. Founding member of the Equatorial Guinea Film Association (ACIGE), and founding member of the first Annobón House of Culture, his homeland.

Creator of the documentary “The light of a dream”, which tells about the history of theater in Equatorial Guinea.
As an entrepreneur, Pablo has a vision beyond normal. “I’ve always had in mind that I want to be independent.” The independence of his parents’ house has allowed him to have a global and subjective vision of reality.

Pablo tells us that he started working as an independent, through a multiservice that he created, with the purpose of managing all home orders, so that they represented the needs presented by his clients, and lack of time for labor issues.

“My mentality and my vision as an entrepreneur have changed over time”

After a trip to Spain, the idea arose, according to the need of its social context, to send things from there to Equatorial Guinea and vice versa, through a legalized parcel.
“We are creating new shipping and receiving lines for parcels depending on the demand of our customers.” Pablo has told us that the initiative has been running for a year, the obstacles have always been a growing and positive part of the initiative, but despite that, the possibility of surrendering is not contemplated.

After several months of negotiations with clients and authorities, they managed to conceive the economic aspects of the initiative.

"I always keep in mind that everything is possible, just launch safely."

The system and laws do not favor people who have initiative; go through one side and find no solution, the ideal is to go through a different side, but never stand still, he says.

"Do not stop knocking on doors, use the Z-A plan, ... if possible, with a vision, strategy and action"

Author: Aquiles Mensah, Equatorial Guinea

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