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Volunteer Opportunities Writer

Rootencial Volunteer Collaboration Writers

Rootencial is looking for volunteer collaboration writers to contribute authentic, inspiring and engaging stories from and about Africa.

Profile of candidate and competencies:

Passion for Africa: Passionate about creating, promoting and showcasing African narratives and shedding line positively on the potential of the continent and its communities.

Communication: You have a flair for writing, a passion for words, and a talent for telling stories – in English, French or Spanish. You relish the prospect of bringing colourful characters to life on the page.

Attention to detail: You are able to closely follow our style guide in developing stories, with a keen eye for grammatical accuracy and consistency.

Creativity: You are bursting with ideas for great stories from your community to publish on Rootencial’s website, with an ability to view people and issues from different angles and perspectives.

Teamwork: You like working with others as part of a team, responding well to constructive criticism and tips for improvement.

Networking: You are a keen networker, confident in reaching out to different people to conduct interviews, promote Rootencial, and build networks.

To apply:
Please contact us on info@rootencial with the subject line “Application: Story Writer,” providing a CV and sample of your work.