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Translator (Spanish / French / German)

We are looking for freelance translators able to translate material into and from French, Spanish or German. You will both be delivering work for Rootencial’s clients, and translating stories and content for Rootencial’s website.

Profile of candidate and competencies:

Translation: You are an experienced translator, able to communicate complex ideas and concepts in a second language. You have translated written content on diverse topics to a high-quality professional standard.

Accuracy: You place great onus on the importance of accuracy in translation, ensuring consistent translation of key terms and phrases as per the client’s specifications and Rootencial’s own style guide.

Self-organisation: You work well under pressure and with limited time, able to organise yourself to manage competing priorities and different workstreams.

Attention to detail: You have a keen eye for the small details. You know that the pieces you have translated are ready to go to Rootencial’s clients and do not contain any errors.

Teamwork: While you are able to work well independently on translations, you relish the chance to support a wider team – responding positively to constructive feedback.

To apply:
Please contact us on with the subject line “Application: [Insert Your Language Here]: Translator”, providing a sample of a piece you have translated. Please also provide a quote for your services.


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