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Feature Writers

Rootencial is looking for Feature Writers to craft engaging stories about Africa, its diversity, peoples and cultures – and build positive perceptions. You will be at the forefront of delivering Rootencial’s mission, providing content both to clients and for Rootencial’s website.

Profile of candidate and competencies:

Passion for Africa: Passionate about creating, promoting and showcasing African narratives and shedding line positively on the potential of the continent and its communities.

Communication: You have a flair for writing, a passion for words, and a talent for telling stories – in English, French or Spanish. You relish the prospect of bringing colourful places and people to life on the page.

Attention to detail: You conduct meticulous background research to inform your stories, going the extra mile to ensure the small details are right – including for grammar and style.

Creativity: You are bursting with ideas for engaging and inspirational feature articles, with an ability to view people and issues from different angles and perspectives that people may not have considered before.

Teamwork: You enjoy working with others as part of a team, responding well to constructive criticism and tips for improvement – working effectively with Rootencial’s Editor.

Rootencial is a new start-up with limited means – but we strive to pay the most competitive rates possible, proportionate to experience.

To apply:

Please contact us on with the subject line “Application: Feature Writer”, providing a sample of a piece you wrote and are proud of.


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