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Feminist empowerment and anti-racism activism through art: Meet Monserrat Anguiano

Montserrat Anguiano is an artist tailor-made for the Afro-descendant generations in Spain. She gives visibility to black women through her painting, achieving the perfect balance between art and identity, and advances the fight for diversity through the beauty of her works. With the launch of her online store, it is now possible to acquire her latest creations with just a few clicks.

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Born in Barcelona, this Afrocatalana painter and poet has elevated her work on the world stage. Her paintings, which are striking in their use of vivid colours and precise brushstrokes, have been presented in cities including Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and Malabo.

Montserrat has a lot to say. She is warm, aware, and a fighter. Her works are gaining traction in the Spanish art world – unsurprisingly, given that her works portray a style of painting never before seen in the country.

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The central focus of her artistic work is Women – but not just any women. Montserrat focuses specifically on Afrodescendent women and their power. Her works are dedicated to the mothers, grandmothers, daughters and friends who have occasionally had their voices stifled or felt underrepresented, but who have now decided to stand up and show that they exist. She gives form to all these voices demanding to be heard in paintings bursting with colour and movement.

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Montserrat is now going further and is also positioning herself as a promoter of BodyArt – an artistic method through which she tries to shatter stereotypes related to radical women and their bodies, using her own torso as a canvas.

If you are passionate about art and afro awareness, visit her online store and learn more about this artist and the diverse world of colours that she offers through her authentic works.


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