Cultural Leadership: Narciso Echuaca Posa

Rotational interview with Narciso Echaca Posa, bubi from Basakato of the Sagrada Familia and Moka. He currently lives in the San Valentín neighborhood and is an entrepreneur, poet and self-taught actor.

Narciso discovers what he is passionate about and what he wants to dedicate as an artist since he was 4 years old: He identifies with the theater. He is downplayed at that time, until he turns 11 and goes to work with an important director.
“One day in class they asked:“ Who wants to do theater? ”, And my classmates said:“ Echuaca ””.

Since then, Narcissus got into the world of theater, where he then begins to take shape. On a social and family level, Narciso’s first steps in the world of art and entertainment, which was part of the reality of a dream that was unattainable, were through the small children’s theater groups to which he would later join ; but, until he joined the then Sansales theater group, Echuaca continued tasting and learning in the process, since all the groups and initiatives joined and formed the large group of professionals that is Bocamandja.

On the part of the family, for him to become independent, he formed one of the first steps to take off and achieve one of his many dreams he already longed for. It is true that they did not agree and that caused lack of understanding in their environment.

“Until you do something important, they will never value your potential and, without the necessary courage from the beginning, the family does not support you.”

As a theater director, the actors that Echuaca directs, mostly young people, have always presented the same problems of exclusion and rejection by their families, and he has always seen the alternative way proposing to solve it through formal writings or meetings with The parents and guardians. In addition to training in the world of performing arts, Echuaca trains young people to be cultural leaders.

“People will never see what you see, but they will try to instill in you what they think you are going to do, when you see what you want to be, and you believe in what you can offer and you can shine with it. It is simply believing and swimming in that river of beliefs and achieving your goal. ”

Echuaca has been involved in the world of theater and culture for more than 18 years, not as an amateur, but as an indispensable element for his life, he tells us.
The most important challenges that Echuaca has had, after their independence at age 14, of which, later years their parents die and suffer an uncontrollable downturn that blocks all their energies and desire to fight for their dreams.
Our interviewee considers himself lucky, because every step he has taken throughout his life has allowed us to open new doors. The constant learning and growth has served as a support to show the world its best version.

 Author: Aquiles Mensah, Equatorial Guinea

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