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PODCAST – Muna Lobe: Reclaiming African Arts and Culture

Reclaiming African Arts and Culture: Muna Lobé We speak with Muna Lobe, founder of creative AYA Consulting firm. Muna talks about the importance of supporting creative artists, the power of storytelling for stories to transcend non-African communities, as well as renaming, redefining and reclaiming African Arts and Culture by their communities. [...]read more

PODCAST – The Politics of Hair, Identity & Confidence

The Politics of Hair, Identity & Confidence This Rootencial Conversations podcast episode features Christiane Sungu and Lucrece Wasolua-Kibeti who tell us about their social initiative Krowned, whose mission is to empower young girls though haircare and equip them with the confidence to succeed. Why hair? Because it is key for building our [...]read more

PODCAST – Edwige Takassi: Soil of Africa – Embracing Africa’s Natural Heritage

Soil of Africa – Embracing Africa’s Natural Heritage This Rootencial Conversations podcast episode features Edwige Takassi, from Togo and co-founder of the trademark “Terroirs d’Afrique”. Their mission is to leverage Africa’s natural heritage to promote African local production and consumption of natural products such as tea, coffee, honey and oils.  READ THE [...]read more

PODCAST – Omnia Shawkat: Reclaiming African Narratives

Reclaiming African Narratives This Rootencial Conversations podcast episode features Omnia Shawkat, founder of the digital cultural platform Andariya, seeking to reclaim an African narrative through storytelling. Andariya amplifies stories from Sudan, South Sudan, and Uganda on a diverse array of contemporary topics ranging from literature, film and general culture!  READ THE [...]read more

PODCAST – Priscilla Omouendze : La Richesse Naturelle de l’Afrique

La Richesse Naturelle de l’Afrique Cette épisode de Rootencial Conversations présente Priscilla Omouendze qui nous avons rencontré lors de la conférence de WIA (Women in Africa) au Maroc en Juin 2019. Scientifique est fondatrice du projet de fabrique des cosmétiques naturels N’Kira. Elle nous raconte le pourquoi de la création de ce projet, [...]read more

PODCAST – Leonard Tshitenge: A Poet For Action

A POET FOR ACTION Rootencial discute avec Leonard Tshitenge, un entrepreneur américain d'origine congolaise passionné par la poésie et l'activisme de la création orale. Il nous raconte comment et pourquoi il combine ces choses ensemble.  LIRE ARTICLEread more