“Terroir d’Afrique” Organic Lemongrass Infusion


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These products represent so much of what we stand for here at Rootencial. Terroir d’Afrique promotes African natural products of exceptional quality, connecting African producers to African markets. Selling everything from wine and oil to tea and coffee, Terroir d’Afrique stands for African excellence and nature.


Terroir d’Afrique Lemongrass Infusion
Scientific : Cymbopogon citratus
It is said to be soft, then passionate. It was thought to be shy, it reveals its generosity.
Its pleasant perfume will lead to your relaxation and rest.
Lemongrass is known since ancient Egypt for its calming and digestive properties.
Against digestive disorders, flu-like conditions, fatigue, joint pain…
Allow one teaspoon per cup to infuse for 4 to 10 minutes, depending on the preferred concentration.
For more taste, add a pinch of “Terroir d’Afrique” Hibiscus or Gambia tea (Bulukutu).
Sweeten preferably with pure or wild “Terroir d’Afrique” honey!

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