A meeting of creative minds from the African continent and diaspora yields this striking ‘Africa Roots’ t-shirt.



This t-shirt embodies so much of what we stand for and believe in here at Rootencial. Justin Kasereka, of Congo’s most exciting emerging creatives, sketched the Acacia Tree design on the front of the t-shirt in his distinctive style – exclusively for Rootencial. The proceeds from Justin’s generous and beautiful gift will be used to support Rootencial’s Beyìyëm Fund.
Fungai Marima, a brilliantly talented artist from Zimbabwe living in London, printed Justin’s design onto the shirts. And it was our founder, Josefina, herself a product of Equatorial Guinea and Spain, who fostered this creative collaboration. A coming-together of artistic talents both from the African continent and diaspora!
Justin’s design shows the wide-reaching branches and the deep, unshakeable, roots of the Acacia Tree, one of the most universally recognisable symbols of Africa. All of us can trace our roots back over the millennia to Africa, the continent from where the human species emerged. This t-shirt loudly celebrates the immense value of having African roots and promotes Africa’s boundless potential to continue to flourish and blossom.


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