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About us


Josefina Bonsundy

To be born in Africa, raised in Europe, and becoming a global citizen, has marked my character, my story and my values. I have become a “cultural hybrid”, a term coined by one of my mentors and friends Bisila Bokoko – this is part of the essence of who I am. I apply a hybrid perspective to everything I do and am part of; I believe hybridity in perspectives is what will make our world a better-connected place.

I am the Founder and Director of Rootencial, working to promote and support the diversity of Africa and the talent and potential of its communities. I am passionate about diversity and inclusion, amplifying the voices of individuals that are often misperceived because of their origin, social background or other characteristics. At Rootencial we focus on Africa and its communities to leverage the power of storytelling to build positive and empowering narratives.

My passion for social issues led me to learn about the history and structures that perpetuate inequalities and exclusion. I went on to work for both private and public sector organizations seeking to transform communities and bring in more innovation, diversity, equality and opportunity to society. Both academic and professional experiences have taken me to places such as Egypt, Brazil, Kenya, Switzerland, United States of America, Israel, Palestine, Tunisia, and the United Kingdom amongst others.

Both the multilingual and multicultural abilities acquired working with diverse groups, issues and organisations have been essential in understanding diverse cultures, social issues and how these affect different communities, building relationships and maintaining an open mind to build synergies and effective collaborations.

As a ‘people person’, I bring great enthusiasm, fearlessness, and deep commitment to building cultures where everyone belongs and can be themselves while respecting others. I believe ‘embracing the authentic self’ is the key to unleashing the potential of individuals so their work, talents and efforts maximise results and create inclusive environments.

An excerpt from my ‘Monday Motivation’ interview with WorldRemit, where I highlight parts of my story, the why behind ROOTENCIAL and what motivated me to create it.

Our History



Africans and African diaspora communities are making huge contributions to societies across the world, in many different ways. But their stories, leadership and achievements are not always visible – or are told by others, often accentuating the negative and neglecting their valuable contributions.



ROOTENCIAL’s mission is to promote a positive narrative of Africa and its communities, amplifying inspirational stories that highlight talent, potential and opportunity, and harnessing the skills of the communities we focus on through our services.



Our vision is to transform the way Africa and its communities are perceived and heard, while building a positive narrative.

Our Core Values


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My name is Ester Mbomio Lagar, I am a Journalist with extensive experience working in international environments and with a passion for cultures and positive development. Collaborating with ROOTENCIAL is a practical contribution to my community as an Afro-descendant. For decades, the narratives about Africa that the Western world has spread have too often been everything but positive. Many still associate the Continent with poverty, famine, war, and humanitarian campaigns. Through this space, we seek to change that.

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My name is Berta Ndongo Ela, I grew up in Spain, and I am a law graduate. During my student days, I had limited Afro-descendant points of reference. Participating in this project gives me the opportunity to exchange with and be inspired by other Afro-descendant leaders who can inspire future generations. Rootencial can provide part of the impetus we need to push ourselves forward.

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My name is Rea Bonaí Chanque Prieto, I am an International Business graduate and a Global Governance and Sustainable Development postgraduate. During my last years of education, I have been focusing and analysing the different issues that portrait the African continent and community as backward.

Work With US


  • Be part of a project that makes real impact by crafting and amplifying positive stories about Africa and communities with African heritage.
  • Get professional experience in something you really love doing
  • Be part of a creative international team
  • Get a recommendation letter for future job applications
  • Enhance your skills and develop your passions
  • Grow your professional network worldwide


Rootencial strongly encourages candidates with African heritage to apply.
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